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Vinícola Aurora

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The Aurora Winery is the only winery that received the State Export Award as a Sectorial Highlight in the Drinks category for the fourth consecutive year. The award is dedicated to the companies that have had relevant roles in exporting its products. In 2018, the Aurora Winery exported 596.244 bottles, a volume 91% higher than the one exported in 2017. Keep Cooler was the best-selling product, followed by still and sparkling wines.


With the construction of its new industrial plant in Vale dos Vinhedos, for the production of grape juice, the winery were able to open new markets for this product, a Brazilian treat unlike any other in the world, with sales in 2018 to Taiwan and the United States, and in in 2019 to Portugal, Canada, Curaçao, Argentina and South Africa. In 2018 Aurora Winery has opened two new import countries - Ireland and Peru - and new customers in already buying countries: Taiwan, United States and Paraguay. The focus, however, remained in Asia, as the winery attended the main food and drink fairs of that continent. In China, country which bought 159.966 bottles of Brazilian Soul sparkling wines and wine coolers, the winery presented its products to more than 50 importers in 2018, resulting in partnerships with 4 new customers in this year.


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