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Aurora Winery’s exports grew up 91% in 2018

Wine coolers and still wines had the most expressive increase at exports, 324% and 109% respectively. The main focus remains being Asia.

The Aurora Winery registers 91% increase in exported volume in 2018: 596.244 bottles against 311.866 exported in 2017. The most expressive sales growth occurred with wine coolers: 135.696 bottles sold with an increase of 324% regarding the previous year. Wines occupy the second place, with 253.774 bottles (an increase of 109% regarding the previous year) followed by the sparkling wines: 137.612 bottles, 47% more than in 2017. “It was an important year for the Aurora Winery’s exports, with promotional actions in focus countries that lead us to great results”, says Rosana Pasini, export and import Manager, forecasting an export growth of 20% in 2019.


Last year, Aurora started to sell to two new countries – Ireland and Peru – and managed to open new customers in countries that already imported from the winery: Taiwan, USA and Paraguay. However, the focus remained in Asia, especially in China, an Aurora importer for three years. “Last year, we presented our products to more than 50 importers in that country”, says Rosana, mentioning expressive results also in Japan, its traditional customer, which doubled the imports in the last two years. In Asia, the winery participated of fairs in those two countries: Chegdu CDFD – China Food and Drinks Fair (March), Shangai – Prowine Shangai (November), Qingdao – Qingdao International Wine Exposition (November), Foodex Japan (March) and Sparkling New World Event, at the Brazilian embassy in Tokyo (November). And kept present at Prowein Dusseldorf, in Germany, one of the world biggest fairs.


Products and market


In 2018, Aurora started to export the Casa de Bento grape juice for two countries which was already present: USA (for an important distributor of Brazilian products) and Taiwan (for a second importer).


In Peru, the winery started to sell its brands of wines, sparkling wines and coolers in the end of year and has already big companies interested in its products. The beginning of sales to Ireland seems promising: the winery works with the greatest wine importer from the country, with distribution of Brazilian Soul Premium Selection brand.


For 2019, Aurora forecast an export growth of 20%, an increase of grape juice in its external sales and the achievement of 4 new markets on its schedule: Colombia, Chile, Portugal and Russia.


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