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Vinícola Aurora

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The Aurora Winery achieve one more country for its international clients. In August proceed the first lot to Curaçao, for a local distributor, with different wines from Aurora (Procedências Sparkling line, Varietal line and Reserva line). In the lot also followed Aurora’s grape juice, Keep Cooler Classic, Saint Germain wines and La Tablada Tannat (which Aurora elaborates in Uruguay).


This is the second Caribbean country to become a customer from the Aurora Winery, which exports grape juice to Trinidad and Tobago since last year. The Aurora Winery has commercial relations with more than 20 countries, between them USA, UK, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark and others.


In June, the Aurora Winery joined the Hotel Tannishuss restaurant menu in Denmark with its export brand wine Brazilian Soul Premum Selection Chardonnay and in July, started to integrate the crowded labels selection of Virgin Wine on-line shop, from UK, with our best wine Aurora Millésime Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.


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