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Vinícola Aurora

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The Aurora Winery exported in January 64,176 bottles of white and red wines, sparkling wines, Keep Cooler and grape juice. This is equivalent to the total exported throughout the first half of 2017. The performance with exports in the first month of the year generated a turnover 4 times higher than the one of January, 2017.


China was the country that received the highest volume at the beginning of the year: 25,632 bottles, 15,552 of Keep Cooler and 10,080 of Brazilian Soul Sparkling Wines: Moscato Rosé and Demi-sec white. The country already imported the Brazilian Soul Moscato White sparkling wine and, from Aurora's participation in Prowine China last November, expanded its purchases with these new items.


Japan received 17,640 bottles of sparkling wines from the Aurora and the Pricedências lines, as well as white and red wines from the Aurora Reserva and Aurora Varietal lines (13 different labels). Therefore, the country was Aurora's largest importer market in January, responsible for 44.9% of the mount of export sales in the month.


Taiwan completes the Asian countries that imported from Aurora in the first month of 2018, with a new customer who started business with the winery by importing 3,940 bottles of Casa de Bento pure grape juice. Thus, Asia accounted for 80% of the winery's turnover in January. "Asia continues to be the focus of the Aurora Winery for this year with the grape juice and with the Moscato sparkling wine as leaders in the export expansion project," says Rosana Pasini, Export Manager of the company.


The winery prepares new shipments in February, for Europe and South America, of several other products. Aurora Winery, Brazil's largest and most awarded winery, celebrates 87 years of foundation on February 14th.


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