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Vinícola Aurora

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Aurora Winery celebrates high quality harvest

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes arrived with exceptional quality, in one of its best years so far

The Aurora Winery celebrates the excellent quality of the grapes harvested in 2018. 10 million kilos of grapes are already being processed for elaborating wines, sparkling wines and pure grape juices. It is expected that the largest Brazilian winery will receive 60 million kilos until the end of the harvest. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir stand out, with excellent sanity, sugar levels, color and aroma.


“One of the best Pinot Noir of all times”, evaluates the winemaker Flávio Zílio, cheered up with the grapes he has to elaborate wines and sparkling wines like Aurora Procedências Brut Pinot Noir and Aurora Procedências Brut Rosé. “Chardonnay is being brought wiyh the freshness and acidity just on pint and will give us many possibilities to elaborate wines that will please the most demanding consumers”, says the winemaker, mentioning also the Reserva Chardonnay, the Varietal Chardonnay and other sparkling wines with this grape as protagonist. With good grapes plus the high technology of our elaboration process and the winery experience, we certainly will have great wines from this harvest.


The technical manager, the agronomist Ludovino Bavaresco, believes the medium varieties like Cabernet Franc, received in the middle of the harvest, and the late ones, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat and Moscato, will also arrive to their maximum maturity points. “The clime effects of La Niña enable us to predict a dry summer in Serra Gaúcha, which is a positive aspect maturation of all grapes. This will continue until mid-March, when we predict the end of the harvest”, explain.


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