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Vinícola Aurora

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The 17th edition of the Bacchus International Wine Competition, held in Madrid from March 7th-11th, awarded the Aurora Reserva Chardonnay with the Great Gold Medal. With this medal, the Aurora Reserva Chardonnay reaches its 54th medal and the 3rd special award, the ones awarded to those wines that exceed the mark of 95 points in international competitions. Previous medals were Double Gold Medal in La Mujer Elije 2016 and Gran Gold in Vinus 2016, both in Argentina. In this edition of Bacchus International, another wine of Aurora was awarded a silver medal: Aurora Moscato Sparkling Wine, the most awarded product of the Aurora Winery and one of the most awarded Brazilian products. In another international wine competition held last March, the Chardonnay du Monde in France, the Aurora Procedencias Chardonnay was awarded the silver medal.


Besides the Chardonnay, the Reserva line also has a Merlot, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Tannat and a Merlot Rosé. Aurora Reserva wines are made with the best grapes of each harvest, within a high quality concept, easy to pair with the most diverse regional and international dishes, with an affordable price range. The line is available in the largest supermarket chains and specialized stores around Brazil.


Aurora sparkling wines can also be found in the Brazilian market as Moscato White and Rosé, Demi-Sec and Brut versions. Likewise, the Aurora Procedencias line is composed of three sparkling wines that honor the high quality of the grapes of small specific communities: in addition to the Chardonnay from Lageadinho, a Pinot Noir from Tuiuty and a Rosé from Monte Belo do Sul.


The Bacchus International Competition is supervised by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and has the patronage of the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits (Vinofed). This year, 1,650 samples from 20 countries were tasted and evaluated by a jury of 65 international experts. Chardonnay du Monde, one of the most traditional wine competitions in Europe, evaluates, as the name suggests, sparkling and non-sparkling wines from around the world made with the Chardonnay grape.


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