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Vinícola Aurora

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At the 2019 Wines of Brazil Awards, held during June in Rio de Janeiro, besides the Aurora Procedencias Chardonnay, another two products of the Aurora Winery were awarded with the Grand Gold medal, given to the wines that surpassed the 90 points as final score: Aurora Pinto Bandeira Chardonnay 2017 and Aurora Aurora Millésime Cabernet Sauvingon 2015.


In this competition exclusive for Brazilian wines, held during the ViniBra Expo Wine Fair, the Aurora Winery also counted for 12 medals in total. Besides the 3 Grand Gold Medals, there were awarded with Gold Medal the Reserva Merlot 2018 and the sparkling wines Aurora Extra Brut Sparkling Wine, Aurora Procedencias Pinot Noir and Aurora Moscato. The sparkling wines Aurora Procedencias Rosé, Aurora Brut Chardonnay and Marcus James Brut were given Commended awards,  as well as the Aurora Varietal Pinot Noir 2018, the Pequenas Partilhas Cabernet Franc 2017 and the Aurora Late Harvest 2017.


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