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Vinícola Aurora

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Casa de Bento Pure Grape Juice
Casa de Bento Pure Grape Juice


The Aurora Winery, leader in the Brazilian market in pure grape juices, exports its Casa de Bento pure grape juice, without preservatives, to the United States. The winery, which has been selling wines and sparkling wines to that country for almost 40 years, now joins the market with this product.

The juice was exported to a distributor in Florida, a company that also has a warehouse in Boston and will distribute the product throughout the East Coast. The bottles of the Casa de Bento grape juice of 1 liter and 295 ml arrive in the United States with neck tags highlighting the health benefits of the product and its flavor characteristics, unique in the world.

A research ordered by the Brazilian Institute of Wine shows that the USA market has to be explored by the Brazilian grape juice, with great consumption potential. "In tastings carried out by the project, Aurora grape juice had an excellent acceptance of the North American public", says Rosana Pasini, the Export manager of Aurora Winery, cheered up by the possibilities.


Aurora already exports its pure grape juice to Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, Paraguay and Taiwan.


  • Casa de Bento Pure Grape Juice

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