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Vinícola Aurora

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The Aurora Winery once again is awarded for the quality of its sparkling wines in international wine competitions, especially in France. At this time, the Aurora Moscato Rosé was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2019 edition of Muscats du Monde, a competition that evaluates wines made with Moscato grapes from all over the world. Last July 3rd and 4th, in Frontignam la Peyrade, in the region of Languedoc Roussillon, 205 samples were evaluated by 55 international wine experts, from 19 different countries.


In Santiago, Chile, the Aurora Moscato White Sparling wine was awarded a Silver Medal at the 24th Catad'Or Wine Awards, the largest wine competition in Latin America. Organized under the supervision of OIV, the International Grape and Wine Organization and the International Organization of Winemakers and affiliated to Vinofed, 620 samples were tasted and evaluated by 47 people.


The Aurora Moscato White and Rosé Sparling wines are part of the Aurora Sparkling line, which also includes a Brut Chardonnay, a Prosecco and Moscato Semi-Sweet.


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