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Vinícola Aurora

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The Aurora Brut sparkling wine from Aurora Winery was the only Brazilian wine that received a gold medal on the 2017 edition of Effervescents du Monde, the greatest sparkling-only competition in the world, held from November 13-15th at École Hôtelière du Lycée Le Castel, on Dijon, France. The Brazilian sparkling wine achieved the 4th place on the TOP 10 of this international competition, figuring below of only 2 Champagnes and 1 Crémant de Bourgogne, overcoming 4 other French sparkling wines, one Italian and one Spanish.


Aurora Winery was also awarded with a silver medal for the quality of the Aurora Moscato Sparkling wine, its most awarded label which has appearing on the TOP 100 for 4 consecutive years.


The Aurora Winery participations on the Effervescents du Monde have been victorious. In 2016, Conde de Foucauld Rosé Brut was awarded with a gold medal. On the same edition, the Aurora Brut earned a silver one. In 2015, the Effervescents du Monde awarded with silver medal the Aurora Brut and the Aurora Procedências Chardonnay. In 2014, the awarded wine was the Brazilian Soul Moscato, Aurora export brand.



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