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Vinícola Aurora

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Companies that declare they are sustainable must adhere to what is known as the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet and profit. As a cooperative that continuously invests in this characteristic, Aurora Winery has a number of initiatives that not only benefit the everyday lives of its members, but the future of our planet.

These include initiatives such as selective collection and adequate management of waste, involving its members in the separation and collection of pesticide packaging, promoting environmental education through meetings and community gatherings, and reducing significant environmental impacts by optimizing the production process.


Aurora Wine Cooperative is based in the heart of Bento Gonçalves, the Brazilian grape and wine capital. We take great pride in our position as the largest undertaking of this kind in Brazil, with more than 1,100 member families, 55 million kg of grapes a year (42 million liters of wine, juice and related products) and a storage capacity of 70 million liters in an area covering 110,000 m2. A successful cooperative with profits divided amongst all its members.

Social development through cooperation is one of the cornerstones of sustainability. In Aurora, our growers receive direct guidance from the Winery technicians, responsible for supervising all the phases of the vineyard. In addition, our modern production plant uses cutting edge technology and follows stringent quality standards, as well as optimizing supply purchases by evaluating and training suppliers.

The Triple Bottom Line

The triple bottom line consists in the three essential pillars to the growth of the Aurora Cooperative Winery: economic development, social responsibility and environmental management.

Through our relationship with investors and entrepreneurs, we have developed a model aimed at profitability, while including social responsibility in all our citizenship initiatives through the involvement of stakeholders and creating job opportunities.

In addition, our ever-increasing investment in environmental preservation, eco-efficiency and renewable energies highlight the concern with the present and the responsibility towards a cleaner and more conscientious future.

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