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Vinícola Aurora

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About Aurora winery

The history of Aurora begins in 1875, with the arrival of the immigrants from the north of Italy. Established in the South of Brazil, in Serra Gaúcha, where they found terroir and climate similar to those of their country of origin. Thus, the European habits and culture were not abandoned, and the old art of winemaking was soon recaptured.


Our history

The South of Brazil was the birthplace of Aurora Winery. It was in this region that in 1875 the first Italian immigrants arrived ready to roll up their sleeves to work and produce. They brought the art of cultivating vineyards and making wines.

In 1931, sixteen families of grape producers got together to begin what would become the largest undertaking of this kind in Brazil, Aurora Winery.

The company is based in the principles of the cooperativism, social and economic activity, aiming the well fare of their 1.100 members and the community where it is situated. Through its management system, the company aims to assure the quality of its products and processes, always committed to its members, employees and community in a social and environmental way.

Aurora is responsible for an average production of 55 million kilograms of grapes a year and exports its wines, sparkling wines, grape juices and coolers to more than 20 countries.

Aurora Winery – Always a great history

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