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Vinícola Aurora

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In its recent participation in Prowine Shanghai last November, Aurora Winery closed deals that will increase its share in the Chinese market, which is already the largest buying country in Asia.


Aurora, the largest winery in Brazil, has conquered two new customers - one in the northwestern part of the country and one in the Shanghai region - and is negotiating with another Chinese buyer, besides selling to the current one. Just this year, Aurora has shipped almost 160,000 bottles of Brazilian Soul products: Brazilian Soul Demi-sec Sparkling Wine, Brazilian Soul Moscato White and Rosé Sparkling Wines and the Brazilian Soul Coolers, in the flavors strawberry, citrus and peach. "It is a market with enormous potential, and we are just starting a long journey," says Rosana Pasini, export and import manager of the Aurora Winery.


Aurora is steadfast in its strategy to continue growing in Asia. Sales to the continent grew 215% in 2018, compared to 2017: 242,050 bottles of coolers, wine, sparkling wine and the first 4,050 bottles of pure grape juice were exported. In 2017, the winery sold 76,718 bottles to that continent. The main export product this year is the wine cooler: last year, Asia bought only 288 bottles of the product, under the Brazilian Soul brand, and 120,960 bottles were shipped this year.


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